The theoretical, the metaphysical, the hypothetical, the inexplicable, the spiritual, the hysterical all threw a party… they met in the minds of men.  A song is the noise they make.

Besides Daniel "Untouched And Burning"
featured on NPR Music's 'All Songs Considered'

This Marvelous Grief  (release date Oct 29 - click to preview) is a collection of songs that create a particular landscape of relational brokenness, with ourselves, others, and God. I found this as a thread running through the entirety of this record-a retrospective enlightenment.  I have found these songs to orbit the imperfections in our love and the struggle to forgive ourselves, our companions, our family, and God. The title of this record draws from the incredible crucible of loss that comes to us who have wounded those we dearly love and the eventual redemption of our grief. Exploring both the pain of intimacy as well as the hope for loving ourselves, this effort lays bear the turmoil and joys inherent in relationships. My hope for those who take the time to intentionally listen to this record is that your hearts would be warmed with affection for those closest to you.